Friends of Peggy's House

The 'Friends of Peggy's House' are a support group of music lovers who live in and around Ormond Street, Paddington. They are a resource group who meet with the resident composer(s), introducing them to the area and providing a local contact group for any support required. This includes - Computer I.T. support, details for piano tuning, house maintenance, and concert presentation assitance. They also invite the resident composer to informal gatherings at their houses. In short, they form a practical human interface to assist in making the residency as comfortable as possible.

The 'Friends of Peggy's House':

Assoc. Professor Ross Steele (Chairman)
Marshall McGuire
Margherita and Bill Robinson
Adrian (poet) and Nick (artist)
Marie McMillan
Simon and Zina Ioannou
Daniel Blinkhorn
Dr. Thomas Fitzgerald